Web design

We are able to create www presentations based on: HTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Flash and Ruby. Mostly we use graphic programs and editors: DreamWeaver, Flash editor and PHP editors

 2D and 3D graphics and animations

According to our or customer drafts, we create all kind of graphics proposals, static or animated. Animations are made in Flash or bitmapped formats. We are able to model and animate 3D objects and scenes, having static images or animated scenes. The software used is: 3D Studio MAX,  ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and Google Sketchup.

 Custom-made software and web-applications development

We can prepare different kind of software, especially interesting iis the newest technology. We use mostly Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland Developer Studio 2006 and many others.

 Network administration and development

The usually work of network administration is connected with many activities. Please contact us for more details.





Presentation of complicated processes is very important in science education and in introduction new technology into production. We have experiences in computer simulations and experimentation:

 Online Experiments

 Interactive Screen Experiments (ISE)

 Virtual Experiments (new 3D technology)

 Simulation of experiments