aLearn.PL - active and efficiency learning

Effective business decisions can seldom be on the right track without the right information and technology to process such information. aLearn.PL can help you make the right and cost-effective decision about the tools and technology required to enhance your learning and training strategy.


 Delivery and Collaboration

aLearn.PL provides secure-web based online learning environment, while retaining the advantages of the instructor-led learning. We  offer different art of electronic and blended learning solutions with the following features:
Compliance to International e-Learning Standards (SCORM, AICC)
Modular and distributed architecture
ASP and locally hosted solutions
Collaboration environment (Synchronous and Asynchronous tools)
Portal solution with single sign on topology
Registration and scheduling
Integration with existing IT and legacy applications (Academic Information System (AIS), Financial System, ERP System, etc)
Reporting functionalities (Learner tracking, content tracking, audit reports, custom reports, etc)
Online and offline Learning (CD/DVD, pendrive-solutions)
Mobile Learning (m-Learning) with delivering of m-Technology
Blended-learning and location based Learning




Electronic learning and common face-to-face learning have many solutions, but not all are effective. We deliver only this kind of learning technology which is easy to use and give good results in very short time.

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